A Little About The Guys

This is a story about a few Guys in a neighborhood who came together to form a brotherhood. Like with most stories, our group suffered a tragedy, an unexpected loss of one of our own and through that we found a purpose. We discovered how impactful we could be when we pulled our resources and connections together for one unified cause. That put Guys Doing Good in motion. The concept was born in 2014 and GDG was founded September 2019. We may not change the World tomorrow but we can change our Community today.

Bob Barton- President

Vice President at Beach Ford, Inc.

“GDG is important to me because it’s an organization born out of a friendship of a diverse group of men with various talents who believe pooling those talents can make the local community a better place for everyone.”

Bill Hitchcock- Vice President

SVP Business Development at Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

“We are lucky to have a group of friends and neighbors who share a unique opportunity to make an impact in our community. We all believe that we can change lives by providing support through GDG.”

Chris Klein- Director

President GreenLight Management Inc.

“GDG was formed by members who found they shared a common idea that helping groups in our community could have a profound impact. Believing that contributions of time and funds as an organization would complement the things we do as individuals. Working with our own children to understand that giving, understanding of others and acceptance of all are the foundation of humanity.”

Brandon Zeigler-Director

Managing Member at Parks Zeigler, PLLC

“GDG was formed by friends who share a belief that helping others is a community responsibility. The founders of GDG are a group of professionals who want to better their community by bringing their varied resources to bear. To be understanding and compassionate to those less fortunate is a critical lesson to pass on to the next generation and there is no better way to teach that lesson than by direct action. There is no more powerful example then when your children see you put your time and effort into helping someone who you do not know but is in need.”

John Sinacori-Founding Member

MD at EVMS Department of ENT Surgeons

“Most believe philanthropy is about helping others but it is also about helping yourself, your family, and friends to become better humans. To open our senses to the world we live in and feel the needs of others. It’s a daily struggle to avoid being self absorbed.”

Brian Garrison-Founding Member

COO at Buzz Franchise Brands

“GDG is a unique opportunity for folks in the local community to come together and have a positive impact in our own backyard. With time, effort and financial support, there’s so much we can do for those in need!”

Kevin Stewart-Treasurer

Partner at Stewart & Company

“To whom much is given, much will be asked” is a phrase I try to live by. I have been very fortunate I want to give and serve others.”

Ron McKechnie-Founding Member

MD at Cardiovascular Associates

“GDG has created a fellowship of local friends by first identifying our community needs, and then by delivering our focused-talents/goods/services to those who will most benefit.”

Christopher Lagow- Senior Advisor

General Counsel at PRA Group

“What better way to give back than doing so with friends and family, in support of the community where we live. ”

Rick Tillar- Secretary

Executive Director of Business Development at Galen Healthcare Solutions

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill.

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