More people. More impact.

We all have people in our lives, passions we care about, and priorities that we focus on. Our Guys feel that by supporting GDG you can bring those three things together to make a huge impact in our community. We need talented, caring, giving Guys who can help us do more. You can give your support really in any way imaginable. At Guys we don’t have to move the World, but we do need your help to move us move forward.

Voting Member

  • We know it’s hard to part with money but Guys know we all spend it somewhere. For less than your daily Starbucks or weekly Pizza you can be a Voting Member and truly helps us shape our future. You have full voting rights, and the ability to attend all meetings and events. “Change starts with those who are most willing”


  • We totally get it. You see how impactful GDG will be but your time is stretched thin. No worries, the rest of us can do more of the heavy lifting and you can be a Non-Voting Member which still allows you to attend or meetings and events. Our strength is in our collective knowledge and resources.


  • We need You, plain and simple. You see our vision and believe in our cause but you just know you can’t add another thing to your plate. Help us grow our membership and spread the word by being an Associate Member. You bring value to our group with your name, connections, and your contribution. No need to be at meetings or events.

Volunteer with the Guys

  • Maybe you have a skillset that can really help us. Maybe you can give your time to help at one of our events. Let’s talk to find the best fit.